It’s all stored in the body.

When in your childhood your needs were not met by the people around you, or you learned that you had to meet the needs of others in order to survive, your body tends to shut down and that part of you is cut off. It will be near impossible to feel your needs and boundaries and act from that.

I remember my internship working with adolescents as a behavioral therapist around when I was 21. One of the general competencies I was supposed to learn was to set boundaries towards the clients. But I had no clue what boundaries were. So I observed what my colleagues did. I saw them setting boundaries when clients would swear, be physically abusive, or not doing what you told them to do. I learned by observation, but it never came from my body. I didn’t even know that my body was supposed to feel these boundaries. Still, I graduated with a 9! I’m a good observer…

Doing haptotherapy (therapy of touch) 10 years ago, I connected with my body slowly. In the years after that, I was doing horse coaching, yoga, and inner child work. But it wasn’t until 2 years ago when I started to read more about the power of vulnerability that I truly experienced the language of my body. I started to tune in with my body and I started to feel sensations when other people said or did certain things that hurt me. From that moment on I started to act from those signals of my body, and I tapped into life energy straight away!

So last 2 weeks I was in this great flow of life energy as well. I surfed those waves hard! And then yesterday, boom. My body said: rest! So I did! I went straight to my woman cave.

I canceled all meetings. I didn’t visit my friend in the hospital. I said no to a BBQ. No to my ex that asked if I had space for a phone call. With that, a lot of guilt and restlessness came. And I just sat with that. Embraced it! And I felt my body recharge and fill with joy and love again!

Ready for another week of surfing the waves!


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