My Whatsapp coaching is my favorite method of therapy that I’m offering. It’s pretty unique in therapy world because most therapists do weekly sessions and don’t have contact outside the session. This can be challenging because you sort of have to remember the struggles you have been through and repeat them during the session, even when the peak of the emotion has already vanished.

With my Whatsapp coaching you have access to me 24/7, although at night I sleep and don’t respond, you can still send a voice-note or a text. I respond to you at least once a day, but mostly I respond multiple times a day. This means that you get support and advice exactly when you need it. So for example when you are in an argument, when you’re triggered, when you feel lonely, when you had a date that didn’t go well, you can reach out right away.

The other benefit with sending voice-notes is that by telling things without being interrupted, you really go deeper into your emotion where the healing takes place. I have found that by sharing an emotion right away with another person, you connect with it on a deeper level, and the emotion feels seen and acknowledged, which is all that an emotion wants. Also by expressing it, you tend to reflect on it, which makes you coach yourself.

If you are interested in Whatsapp coaching, you can send me a PM or email at to book in a free 1 hour intake. If we connect well, we start the Whatsapp coaching right away, which starts at 1 month for 300 euro, and can be extend for 1 week or more.


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