Your emotions are your compass

The emotions you feel in your body can be used as a compass on where to move on to in your life!

So this week I moved to my temporary new home, to give me and my ex-partner some space. And I was surprised how much effect this had on my body.

I could literally feel I had more space in my chest while breathing. The breaths were also deeper and more relaxed.

For me, it was a good sign, that I made the right decision, even though I could also feel the grief of not living with him anymore. And it wasn’t that I had a tense feeling living with him because we were friends all along, but apparently there was a difference. It reminded me that besides the psychical body we also have an emotional body.

I know a couple of very rational people that don’t believe this. For them, a body is purely practical and functional. Until you ask them to think back of a difficult memory, to feel the feeling again that went with it, and to ask where in the body they feel that. Almost everyone will point at their belly or at their heart.

Some people don’t. Those people have probably experienced trauma and went into the frozen state, which closes your body off of feeling emotions in order to protect it from pain.

So how can it be used as a compass? You have to learn to speak the language of your body. Pay close attention to it. When I started looking at another house, I actually decided on a different cheaper house. Immediately I felt a knot in my stomach. I tried to convince myself that this was what I wanted.

So for 2 days, I went along with it. Ignoring the feeling in my stomach, or trying to reason with it. Until I woke up and I realized that the decision of moving there came from a place of unworthiness. I immediately canceled the house, and right away I found another one, where I felt no knot in my stomach, but a lot of space to breathe.

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