If you treat him as a star, he will treat you as a fan.

This is a note to myself and to all of you! If you start chasing him/her, that means he will run! That’s the dynamics! Doesn’t matter who starts first.

Many times in my life I could feel that someone was pulling away from me. So I would reach out even more, and I would always get a message back like: I’m just too busy, don’t worry, I’ll come back to you. And then I thought, I was just crazy for feeling this way. Thinking they were honest. But they never really reached out again in the same way they did as in the beginning.

BUT NO. I was never crazy. I never made it up! I, and I think you as well, have always been able to feel energetical when someone pulls away. And… I have been on the side of someone pulling away as well. If I feel a guy is chasing me, I run. When I feel someone is putting me on a pedestal, I run.

And I can feel when I put someone on a pedestal too! I feel I’m getting obsessed. I feel I’m going into this tunnel view where I think my happiness depends on being loved by him. As if he is the only person in the world! I forget I have my own life, my own fun. I forget I love myself. And who likes a person that doesn’t love herself? * So what to do? Well, be a star in your own movie. Don’t audition for being a star in his movie. Go back to your own passions and beautiful characteristics. Do meditations on self-love. Hang out with your friends. Talk to your friends. Hug the abandoned child in you. Realize he is one in 8 billion. You might think he is a 10 out of 10, but so are you! And surround yourself with people that feel the same about you. He might come back, or not. And be neutral about it.

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