Online 1 hr session


1 hr video call €75,-



1 hour online video call

Online therapy is just as effective as face to face. And even better, because you can do it just from the comfort of your own home! Especially now in Covid times, for people that have problems going out the house or bed, or have busy lifes with children.

And if you want to, I can record the session so you can listen to it again later.

During a session we dive deep. In my therapy I use different kinds of coaching techniques, my life experience and my intuition. We look at your childhood and how this influences your attachment style. We connect with your inner child so that we can connect with your higher self, your needs and your boundaries. And I give practical 101’s to help you through the week!

Before or after buying the session we can set a date. There is no waiting list and generally I am available within 3 days.


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