Sacred sexuality: the blowjob

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Sacred sexuality: the blowjob

After many years of exploring and interviewing I have managed to pour my journey on the path of sacred sexuality into an online workshop on the art of oral seduction.  In this blowjob workshop where I use the connecting principles of tantra combined with sacred sexuality and various other practical techniques, I create a deeper connection with your own body, femininity and sensuality and from that starting point with his lingam which brings more joy and pleasure for both of you.  For me, the blowjob turned into my least favorite sexual activity into my greatest one. It has changed my whole view and experience in the bedroom and I love to share this knowledge with other women.

The video is an hour. After payment, you receive a link to the video where you can stream it for a month. If you want to stream it after that month, send me an e-mail at to receive a free extension.

Let’s make the world a better place for you and for him!

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During this workshop you learn to connect with your own body, femininity and sensuality as well as with his lingam in a tantric way. By giving with full focus, attention and connection you will come in a meditative flow which makes the blowjob a pleasure for both of you.

Let's make the world a better place for you and for him!


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