In this podcast Wendy Lim and relationship therapist Tamara Vroomen talk about authenticity and how not to lose yourself.
A lot of people have the urge to melt together in relationships. They subconsciously want to recreate the warm attachment they had with their caretaker when they were young. It just feels so warm and cozy and connected and safe.
But the thing is, we are all unique human beings. We have different needs and different boundaries. If you melt together you will pay a price somewhere else. You might experience a loss in energy, you stop doing activities you used to like, you hang out less with your friends, you feel anxious when s/he is not around.

It is challenging to find a balance between being autonomous and connected. It takes being connected to your own body, feeling your needs and boundaries and daring to communicate these with your partner. For this you can use tools as discussed in non-violent communication or radical honesty.

If you want to dive deeper into this, go to spotify and search for the podcast Relove episode 7 -authenticity and how to stay true to yourself.

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