Wendy Lim and relationship therapist Tamara Vroomen talk about the inner child. Not only the spiritual world talks about it, also mainstream psychology acknowledges it and uses it in schema therapy for example. In this episode we converse how to meet your inner child and how to listen to it in order to follow your boundaries, needs and dreams.

We have different inner children in us: the angry, abandoned, hurt, and happy one. When we are triggered we tend to go into that child state and respond in a way a 4 year old would respond. Getting angry, reject or ignore the other, take revenge etc.

But our inner child also holds the answers of who we truly are, what our passions are, what is good for us, and what our boundaries and needs are. The inner child is not yet conditioned. When you learn to connect and communicate with your inner child, you will find that you will feel way more life energy and happiness.

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