I have a bullshit meter. I can sense right away if someone is bullshitting themselves or others. I just know and feel when people are not being authentic and when they are not connected to themselves. They hide behind a mask of ego, which could be fear or insecurity.
It’s like as if there is an alarm signal going off in my stomach. It took me a lot of years to understand this language of my body. Because it almost feels the same as when I’m triggered and my ego is in the way, it’s just a little bit different. Lately I’m pretty confident about it, although I sometimes check with someone else if they notice the same.

As a relationship therapist this quality can be very handy. Because people tend to lie to themselves, or think that the trigger that they feel is the actual truth, when it’s just some pain from the past. And then I can call them out.
But sometimes their resistance to connecting to this deeper layer inside of them can be so strong, they deny what is going on. And then my bullshit meter can feel threatening. Here is where I’m learning that everyone follows their own tempo and path when it comes to growth. This is the same with friends. I need to back off, and just hold space.
There is something at stake when their protection mechanism blocks them from seeing the truth. Mostly it is fear. Fear for the unknown, fear of letting something familiar go and being afraid of the emptiness that might arise.

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