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I have always been able to manifest the guy in my life that was aligned with the person that I was at that time.

When I was single for a long time, I tried to manifest a relationship, but the moment I made the request very clear, I felt it wasn’t true. I felt I wasn’t ready for it. So I kept on falling for guys that also weren’t ready for it. I had no idea what to do to become ready.

Now I know it was my own old belief, coming from a place of hurt from my last relationship. I lost myself so much in that relationship, that I created the belief that a relationship is a prison!

So I only fell for the guys that had this “free vibe” around them. But since I’m a very sensitive person with a big heart, I kept falling in love with them, and my heart would be broken many times.

Until that one last time 2 years ago. I knew from the start that this guy would be the guy I would hit rock bottom with…. And it did.

Finally, I could see what was wrong… It was me! It was my old belief! It was me not being true to myself! Not standing up for my needs. Not thinking I was good enough to be treated well. Afraid to be vulnerable because what if I would be rejected!

I was tired of my own bullshit! Of all the heartbreak dating these kinds of guys. And then I felt I was ready.

So I created a very specific image of the guy I wanted to be in a relationship with. I wanted someone I could learn from. That had a big heart. That would dive in deep! And I wouldn’t settle for less. No more friends with benefits. No more sex if it wasn’t a relationship.

One very cute guy came by. We had an awesome date and we kissed. Before I knew it, almost all my clothes were off! And I said stop! What do you want? He honestly said he was looking for a rebound. And I said, I am looking for a relationship, so you need to go now! And he got up and left! This was the first time I stood up for my needs and set a boundary. I felt so empowered!

Then I went on a retreat and there I met the guy I pictured myself with. A conscious, spiritual, loving, warm-hearted, funny man. When I layed my head on his shoulder I could see a movie of us flashing by. And I knew we were going to be in a relationship together!

So we did! It was all I wished for. We promised each other radical honesty from the beginning. I grew hugely in the 1,5 years we were together. Both our shadow parts were revealed like crazy and a lot of triggers arose. It was scary, confronting, fun, and very difficult. And then… when all was learned what was needed to be learned, we let each other lovingly go.

So now… I’m wishing for something light, fun, deep, easy and stable. And again, I won’t settle for less!

Do you want to manifest your person that aligns with your higher self? 

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