I had a dream. Turning my hobby into my profession. So I looked at what my favorite conversing subject with my friends was and what I read and researched about most. And that was love and relationships. So I became a relationship therapist. But for some reason I was drawn into something else as well. I was not being fully honest to all parts of myself. There was another subject that had my interest just as much and I could never stop talking about… And that is sex.

I like things to be easy in my life. Doing things down the stream, not up the stream. And for some reason creating a workshop on a sexual topic was the easy thing to do and the fun thing to do. I have many ideas for workshops on love and relationships too. But I had already created a workshop on tantra blowjobs a year ago when I lived in a tantra community. So it was down the stream to start giving these more and creating an online workshop about it. So here I am, integrating sex into my relationship practice.

Now that I have integrated these, new ideas start to rise. I’m also a pedagogue (child psychologist) and I realized I had another old dream, teaching high school children about relationships and sex. I wish I was taught about these subjects in high school. So that is coming too!

I am integrating and honoring all these parts of mine and that feels fucking amazing!


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