Nobody is really. We all have our own individual traits, qualities, allergies. We can’t please everyone. We can’t be friends with everyone. We all have our own frequency. We vibe with some, and we don’t vibe with a lot of others. Especially in work and with family this can be very challenging. Because sometimes we just don’t click. The other reminds us subconsciously about someone in the past that hurt us. Or we project one of our parents on them.

My life journey has made me this unique being (as we all are). And with my life experiences, my studies, my workshops, my travels, and my character I have developed a very specific style of therapy. I have created a very specific style of medicine. And that will attract a very specific kind of client.

This also means that there will be situations where I say no to a client after a discovery session. Because when I feel my medicine won’t cure their “disease”, I can’t and won’t sell my medicine. Because then it will be a very difficult and maybe even a traumatic experience for both of us.
Research has shown that when a client doesn’t feel a connection with a therapist, the therapy won’t have any results. Doesn’t matter how educated the therapist is. It can have a master and a PHD and 30 years of work experience, if it doesn’t match, it doesn’t connect.

Sometimes people assume I want feedback about my workshop and they give it without asking. And that surprises me. I created a workshop following my own unique soul. Coming from my life experiences combined with my educational background. I know why and what I’m doing.
And I understand that the workshop is not for everyone. That’s shitty, but that happens. But I choose to not have feedback, because why would I want to change who I am and what I do?
So this feedback doesn’t say much about me. It says more about their inner world. Their expectations. Their criticism towards themselves that they project on me. Maybe even their jealousy. And I’m allowed to say, no, you can keep what is yours. Then I’ll keep what is mine.

You want to know more about qualities and allergies? Send me a pm for a free discovery session!

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