Lately I feel my heart is exploding, expanding and breaking constantly. Whenever I see people doing little acts of service and kindness, I just start crying because I can feel the love bursting in my heart.

The other day a woman came up to me begging for money. For some reason I have been conditioned to never give beggars money, because they might use it for drugs, or they are not real beggars.But this woman had a horrible huge tumor in her face.

My first response was to not give her anything (my conditioning) but my second response (the one that I truly am) was that I gave her 2 euro’s that I found in my wallet.

She then walked in the supermarket and came back to me with a drink. She wanted to give me back the change, which was like 1,5 euro. At that moment my heart just broke into pieces. It just was a true and sincere act of love and kindness from her.

Off course I said no to the money and then she gave me a squeeze in the shoulder, which broke my heart open even more.

I’m not telling this story to tell you how great I was that I gave money to this woman, I am telling you this, that when you pay attention to the kindness of people, your heart will fill up with love and gratitude on a daily basis and that will change your view on life tremendously.

So that’s why I strongly recommend to watch Ricky Gervais “After life” on Netflix. This is the best show I have ever seen in my life! Every episode I cry at least 10 times and I laugh at least 10 times. Every character in this show, how odd they might seem, have the kindest hearts.

But not in a big way. It’s hidden in very small remarks and gestures. The characters are just so real and authentic in a way I have never seen before in a show. It makes me want to be a better person.

And now I also have a huge crush on Ricky Gervais. Because this man does have one of the biggest hearts! And this combined with the sarcastic dark humor which is my favorite type, is just a show that breaks, opens, warms and expands my heart on so many levels, that I will carry a bit of Tony in my heart with me too. So please, do humankind a favor and watch this show!

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