About Tamara

Relationship Therapist

My specializations are attachment and connection. Problems in relationships or finding the right partner can be caused by your attachment style, which is formed in your childhood. This determines to what extent you can connect and whether you deal with this with fear or avoidance.

 Tamara Vroomen – My Story

 After studying pedagogics, I worked with adolescents and families for many years in order to improve the mutual bond. This gave me an insight into different attachment styles that were shaped by the way parents did or did not respond to a child’s needs. This enhanced my curiosity about how these attachment styles influenced romantic relationships. Since I also struggled with relationships in this area, I investigated deeply.

I have traveled all over the world and have done all kinds of studies and workshops in the field of love, relationships and tantra. I have combined all this knowledge and work experience with my own life experience, creating a unique medicine for people who have difficulty finding the right partner, or for people who find it difficult to experience a deeper connection with their partner and often find themselves into the same patterns and arguments. Because I work online as well as in my private practice in the Hague both, I can help people all over the world.

Being very pragmatic, I pour my knowledge about relationships into practical 101s in the form of workshops, blogs and podcasts.

It’s like she reached right into my soul and analysed it so poignantly! I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Why Work With Me?

In my relationship therapy I have a unique style. In a personal and involved way I combine my own life experience with different ways of coaching. I use spiritual methods such as inner childwork, the law of attraction and visualisations.

 By exploring childhood experiences and the resulting attachment style, I create an awareness about healthy boundaries and needs and how to express them in a nonviolent way. My therapy is genuine, authentic and honest. I work from a heart to heart connection and I use my strong intuition. 

This approach is best reflected in my unique Whatsapp coaching. I am available 24/7 for voice and text messages. This means that you always have access to me, exactly when you need it, such as during a fight or after a date. At those moments I am ready for support and advice, so that we can dive deeper right away. This whatsapp coaching can be combined with individual 1-hour sessions via Zoom or in my own practice in The Hague.


How it works

 When you are interested, you can book a free discovery session via Zoom without any obligations. In this we immediately dive deep into protection mechanisms, destructive patterns, blockages and limiting beliefs in your mindset.

1. Share your story

You describe how the connection with your parents was, other important childhood experiences and your struggles that you are facing right now in your love life or with finding the right partner

2. Therapy

When we both feel a connection between us, we will discuss which therapy methods works the best for you.

3. Start right away

I don’t have a waiting list so we can start right away!

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