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Coming from Pedagogics (child psychology) and having travelled all around the world doing many different courses on psychology and spirituality, I have researched the effects on one’s childhood on relationships on different levels.

Combining this knowledge with my own personal life experiences (I am 38) and struggles in finding and keeping a relationship, I have become an expert on relationships. 


I have a 360 view on how the patterns created in your childhood make you attract the wrong partner, or are the cause of struggles in your current relationship.


In my coaching style I use traditional methods combined with inner child work, law of attraction, visualization, mindset change, deeper trauma exploration and looking at childhood dynamics.

I have specialized in attachment styles, fear of abandonment, fear of commitment,  childhood trauma and how this all plays out in (beginning) relationships.

My coaching is real, authentic, honest and warm and comes from a heart to heart connection with you.

Using practical tools like zoom, whatsapp, video's, guided meditations and visualisations, I have created simple and effective 101’s on how to find or keep a relationship.

I also give many workshops on tantra and relationships, send me an e-mail for more information:

Therapy methods

I use different kinds of methods for my therapy.


- 1 on 1 online Zoom sessions or face to face at my practice in The Hague

- Couple online Zoom sessions or at my practice

- Daily whatsapp therapy for 1 month or more

- Guided meditations

 Different methods can be combined into a package that fits your needs


The pricerange for these packages goes from €300,- to a 1000 euro, depending on 1 on 1 therapy or couples therapy

Book in a free 1 hour discovery session by e-mail:


Blogs, vlogs and meditations


Tamara is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, wise and very funny. I attended her Tantra workshop and learnt so many practical tools to enhance my relationship with my partner. The workshop also reignited the aspect of me that loves to pleasure and to be pleasured. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot! I recommend her workshops to anyone looking to uplevel their relationship with self and others


"I found the conversations with Tamara very pleasant and motivating. She is involved, real and does not hesitate to show her own vulnerability and her quest for more connection with herself.  The atmosphere during the conversations is friendly, open and there can also be laughter.  Advice or tips are also shared between the conversations by whatsapp, which was new to me, but it increased confidence, commitment and connection."


"After a long time in therapy for my eating disorder, it was a big challenge for me to find my way into my life without this 'life partner'.
 Tamara has helped me use concrete tools to find my place in my own way, even though she doesn't present them to you clearly. With the help of spirituality, energy and a sense of emotion I am more aware of my own energy, feeling and better able to listen to my own body. Both mentally and physically, Tamara has been a guide. Her method of coaching in an intensive session with additional reiki and meditation and coaching through motivational speeches via WhatsApp feel comfortable. Her personal approach and showing self-vulnerability bridged and created a lot of confidence to share my own fears and shame. Something I used to find difficult because of my own pride and ego.
 Tamara thank you and I hope I'll run into you again."


I fucking love her so much! it's like she reached right into my soul and analyzed it so poignantly! I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


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